Medicare 101

Oct 14, 2020 | Medicare 101, Medicare Advantage

Anyone approaching the age of 65 is aware of Medicare but the options behind choosing a plan can be overwhelming. If you’re just getting started with Medicare there are some simple things you should know.

Everyone over the age of 65 qualifies for Medicare. Some people have to enroll while others are enrolled automatically. Waiting to enroll could result in a higher premium later.

When you enroll you can decide between Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Original Medicare, Medicare Part A and B, covers hospital stays and basic medical costs where a Medicare Advantage Plan covers much more. Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, can cover dental, vision, prescriptions and even a gym membership, depending on the plan you choose.

There are several types of Medicare Advantage plans which offer flexibility in doctors and ways to pay for medical care. These different types are designed to work for all different types of people. What type are you? It’s important to sit down with a trusted professional to find out. A Medicare agent can walk you through your options and find a plan that works for your budget and your lifestyle. For more information, call CSG Medicare today!

CSG Medicare Pros agents are experienced and licensed specializing in Medicare Health Insurance providing Medicare (parts A and B), Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Medicare Prescription (Part D) plans. We serve Medicare recipients in every county in Arizona including in the cities of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Gilbert, Tucson, Kingman, Bullhead City, Prescott, Flagstaff, Yuma, Sierra Vista and more. CSG Medicare Insurance Agents are independent, licensed and appointed with multiple insurance carriers to give you a wide variety of choice. For more information, call (480) 635-4050 or (928) 263-8500, or go to:

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