Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to sell Medicare?

Yes, as with any insurance product, you must have the proper state license to sell insurance products. 

In most cases, you only need a health insurance license. You can visit the National Insurance Producer Registry for help with proper licensing requirements as well as electronic filing of documents.

Do I need Medicare specific training and how do I get it?

​​​After you receive your state health insurance license, in order to sell all types of Medicare products, you will need to take a national Medicare competency test through AHIP. There is a fee to take this test but some discounts can cover up to the entire cost of the test. Please reach out to us prior to enrolling with AHIP so we can help you identify these money saving opportunities in your state.​

What Medicare products will I sell?

As a Medicare Sales Agent you’ll sell Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, Prescriptions Drug Plans and Ancillary Products like Hospital Indemnity & Final Expense Plans. 

As an Independent Agent you’ll want to represent the most competitive plans in your area.  Most parts of the country are serviced by United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, & Centene/WellCare but your local market will likely have very strong offerings by additional carriers.

Where do I get Carrier Contracts? Should I use an Field Marketing Organization?

For each product you plan to sell you’ll need to acquire an appointment with that insurance carrier by completing an independent agent agreement or contract. You will also need to pass a test for each carrier’s product. There are a limited number of insurance companies that will offer you a direct contract without being a captive or employed agent, so many of independent agent contracts for various insurance companies will be acquired through a Medicare Insurance FMO.
There are many benefits to working with an FMO. A good FMO will work consistently to get the best contracts with top companies, and offer them to agents and agencies of all sizes.

It’s important to do research and ask the right questions when looking for an FMO. Top FMO’s do much of the heavy lifting for agents and agencies when it comes to compliance, contracting, commissions, and high-level training! We are happy to work with Western Asset Protection out of Phoenix.

How do I get practical training after I have taken all these tests? Who will help me learn the ropes?

It is common for a new agent to feel overwhelmed after they have passed all the required tests and are now not sure what’s next. Successful agents align with a training and mentoring Agency like us that can provide multiple levels of hands on training from “running a compliant presentation and filling out an application” to “creating a sustainable network of referring partners.” The level of assistance from Agencies vary greatly. Make sure you feel comfortable with the experience and hands on nature of the Agency before you make any committments. A great question to ask both a prospective FMO and an Agency is : “Do you give a free release?” If needed, this allows you to easily change alignment if you are unsatisfied with their service. Most FMO’s and Agencies do not offer a “free release.” Oh, and by the way, neither a FMO nor an Agency take any part of your commissions. You keep 100%! They get a small override from the insurance carriers for each sale you make.

What about leads? How do I find eligible prospects?

This is the most important question for all agents! Some FMO’s promise free leads to new agents to lure them. In our experience, these promises have always been unsustainable. The surest way to develop a continuous flow of prospects is to have a multi-source lead generation strategy. This may look a little different for each agent but here are a few proven strategies common among high-producing agents: networking with health care providers, referrals from clients, direct contacting those turning 65, mailing business reply cards, community presentations, Facebook, health fairs, carrier relationships, and more.
With our agents, we begin by assessing what resources you already have, then help you develop a strategic plan which includes 5+ top initiatives. We help you break each of these down into proactive steps. Then we use regular coaching sessions to help you fine tune current strategies & swap out ones that are not producing with new initiative in your marketing plan. Regular re-evaluation and revision to the plan is vital. This process takes some trial and error but has proven to be highly effective in agents developing a sustainable marketing approach that gets results!

How do I know if a lead is eligible to enroll in a plan and when?

Thi​s the second most important question to an agent! As the leads begin coming in you need to know 1) if they are eligible to enroll in a plan 2) what plan they are eligible for and 3) when can you enroll them in a plan. Knowing the answers to these three seemingly simple, but actually very complex, questions will be a huge part of your success. Knowing how to be a pro at assessing eligiblilty will save you a ton of time and mental energy that you would waste in going to a prosects home and finding out they don’t qualify to enroll in a plan. For our agents, we have developed our proprietary acclaimed “Eligibility Descison Tree” that guarantees agents to quickly deterimine if and when they can enroll a prospect in a Medicare plan!

What is my sales process going to be?

Do you plan to visit your customers face-to-face? Or do you prefer the ease of conducting your business electronically and over the phone? Both are viable options, especially now that the vast majority of competitive and reputable insurance companies have adopted an e-application process for agent use. Developing a relationship with your clients is critical to understanding their needs and being able to provide great service in the future. When you are genuinely concerned for the seniors you work with, they will know it. If you are not, they will also know it. For you, the method of contact you have with your clients may be a very strategic decision. As you prove your value to your clients they will refer friend and neighbors to you and they will be loyal to you.

How about Sales Tools? Will I need a CRM and Quoting Platform?

There are a number of tools available to help an agent be successful in today’s competitive landscape. Some of these options will include:

1) Electronic Contracting Solutions- This tool would allow you to complete contracts online, speeding up the appointment process.

2) Medicare Quoting Tool/ Online Quoting Engine- A Quoting Engine makes it easier for agents to have access to accurate, up-to-date pricing and plan details for the nations top senior market products. A solid quoting platform will allow you to quickly review the entire landscape of product options giving you an expert level of knowledge on the fly.

3) Customer Relationship Managment Software- allows agents to query, search and download their entire client base at any time, automate emails, and other useful functions.

4) Virtual Enrollment Platform – ​an extremely valuable tool that enables agents to virtually enroll clients with participating carriers in one consolidated platform.

What are some Benefits and Incentives to selling Medicare?

1) The Medicare eligible population is going to DOUBLE – 44 million Medicare Recipients today will skyrocket to more than 88 million over the next 30 years!

2) There is a shortage of Certified Medicare Sales Agents – required to meet this growing demand

3) It’s NOT Sales – no “savvy” sales skills required, be yourself. Up to 90% close rates!!

4) Recession Proof Residual Income – within a few years you could have a six-digit residual income

5) Freedom!! – YOU’RE building YOUR business, YOU’RE the boss, YOU get to make YOUR schedule to spend more time with the family, travel, golf…. you name it!!

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