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Our Purpose is to help seniors make important insurance decisions and reach a higher level of healthiness.

We are a Medicare Insurance Sales Agency. Because we care deeply about our clients and their Medicare experience we go to great lengths to offer continuous outstanding service and value beyond their initial plan enrollment. 

We currently service over 1700 clients with a target of 4000 by 2026.  To reach our aggressive goal we will double the size of our team in the next 12 months. 

Culture is top priority to us and bleeds into everything we do and who we are striving to become.  We unapologetically recognize that this will be a breath of fresh air for some and nauseating for others.


We embrace the virtues of kindness, gratitude, humility, patience, and forgiveness and strive to keep our thoughts, words and actions in alignment with these attributes.

We genuinely care – We listen to and serve people beyond what is typical in a business relationship.  We strive to leave people and things better than we found them.

We face challenges with optimism – We keep our cool and don’t fold under pressure.  We are solution-focused and calmly move forward with hope and confidence since we know we will figure something out.

We own it – We have an ownership mindset and take responsibility to do what it takes to get the job done.  We make and keep commitments.  We are focused, prioritized, intentional, efficient and diligent in our efforts and communications.

We check our egos at the door – We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and are not afraid to try new things or receive constructive feedback.  We value opportunities to learn from others and from our own mistakes and leave room for others to do the same. 

We build trust through open, authentic communication.  We assume positive intent, listen and ask clarifying questions.  We always give others the benefit of the doubt and strive to be the first to extend trust.

We believe in people and their dreams – We foster an environment where people can change by overcoming challenges and obstacles.  We love to help people accomplish amazing things and become the best version of themselves.


You’ll have the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of seniors.

We are a SMALL family-owned business that is BIG on Culture, Caring and Competence! Our team members enjoy our supportive and fulfilling work atmosphere which also provides a great work / life balance.

Our coaching / mentoring model will propel you to achieve your purpose in the company and achieve personal growth. You will also have opportunities to receive industry leading training and education.


Team members may own specific roles, but everyone has a say when we set goals and make plans. We value your input and experience.


Our team believes in one another. We love to live our Values, enjoy getting to know one another and laugh together.


We work in a transparent environment where you can be yourself. We genuinely care for one another and enjoy high levels of mutual respect.


Be a part of a talented team where you will collaborate on fun and exciting work, and excel in a highly motivating environment.


Be a part of something bigger than yourself and impact the world through the individuals and families we serve.


Regardless of the work experience you’ve had, as a life-long learner you will continue to expand your industry knowledge.  Additionally, you will learn and be a part of a highly effective small business model that propels small businesses to greater levels of success.


You are completely and utterly trustworthy. Your honesty and integrity are unquestionable and those who put their trust in you have complete confidence that their trust is held sacred by you. People with trust issues need not apply. No, seriously.

You are willing to do what it takes… lift boxes, clean floors, and hold doors if that’s what it takes to get something done. No job is beneath you.

You take ownership and initiative. You don’t wait on others to fix your problems for you, and you are constantly looking for more: more to learn, more opportunities and more ways to help.

You genuinely like getting to know and collaborating with other team members. You love being part of a committed team and find it easy to get along with others. Everyone who interacts with you describes you as being positive and helpful.

You care deeply for Seniors which inspires you to understand their needs and find solutions to meet those needs.  You find great satisfaction in leaving a senior with greater understanding or the satisfaction of just being heard and empathized with regardless of if you could “make a sale” or not.


Medicare Sales – Team Lead

Medicare Sales Agent

Medicare Customer Service – Team Lead – COMING SOON

Medicare Customer Service Agent – COMING SOON

Medicare Sales/Recruitment Telemarketer – COMING SOON


Aaron Matheny is a strong, yet caring leader in Medicare Sales.
Aaron has tremendous “real” experience as a broker. Aaron and team have always been professional, intelligent, approachable, informative, engaging and responsive. As a carrier leader, I have been honored to have worked with Aaron on numerous campaigns over the years, and he has always followed through.

Shaun R. Johnson, MBA, PAHM, Regional Sales Director, Allwell/HealthNet/WellCare

Aaron has proven that he is invested in helping me be the best Medicare agent that I can be
He uses my goals and drive to help me create and carry out my plans for success. He has a way of teaching/training that shows a wealth of experience that gives validity to his advice. From calling leads, making compliant presentations, talking to healthcare professionals about how to partner up, Aaron covers it all in a way that makes sense to both seasoned agents and brand-new agents alike.

Gregg M., Agent

Right tools & Training

Aaron Matheny does an amazing job equipping his agents with all the right tools and training to become successful agents! He instills the confidence that is needed to go out and overcome the many obstacles a new agent will face in the field.

Manny Felix, Director of Sales, Health Choice

Leadership & Experience Second to None

He is building a team of Medicare advisors and is willing to share his secrets to success.  He has the leadership and experience to help agents get to the next level.

Paul Rose, CEO, Western Asset Protection

Aaron is committed to helping me succeed

If you want to sell Medicare, read a book. If you want to make money with Medicare, see Aaron Matheny!

Jesse M., Agent